About Kinext

Kinext is a software program made for professionals to make exercise schemes in a fast and efficient way. By using the database you can easily add exercises and patient data.

Within our profession, time is very limited. Giving exercises is something that we do on a daily basis. This is why creating exercise schemes should be fast and efficient. Creating such a scheme is a matter of seconds with Kinext.

You start by creating a new patient. Then you select which exercises you want to give your patient, using the update button you can personalise each exercise. After you selected all exercises you can print a PDF of the patient's exercise scheme or you can email it to his email address, the patient can now watch his exercises on the online platform.

We will keep on developing the program. Clients are always welcome to give us ideas or feedback so we can optimise the program to the needs of our clients.

Meet the team

Wim works as physiotherapist in his own practice Kineactief in Aarschot. he has invented Kinext during his daily work, because he couldn't find a solution that met his needs: A tool to easily and quickly create training schemes and share them with his patients. Wim is always thinking of new improvements for Kinext and is also actively promoting the platform.
Wout is the software developer that mainly focuses on the backend of the Kinext platform. He developed Wim's idea and after a few iterations this solution has grown to a full-fledged platform. Wout is activaly implementing improvements to Kinext. He is also always ready to answer questions posed through the contact form.
Philip is a software developer who's main responsibility is the design of Kinext. He joined the Kinext team after Wim had already developed a first solution together with Wout. With the reinforcement of Philip, this solution was able to grow to the Kinext platform as it is now available. Philip is constantly improving the Kinext plaform to make it as as user-friendly as possible, on smartphones, tablets and computers.